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  • Accelerate & Automate Your Media Distribution Workflow with Jet

    Read how Signiant Jet makes it easy to automate and accelerate your distribution workflow across limitless throughputs and locations.
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    What’s New in Jet?

    Over the past few months, the Signiant team has been working on additional time-saving features to help you get up and running with Jet and get even more out of our newest, award-winning SaaS product.
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    Signiant Reflects on IBC 2019, and the Future of Rapidly Evolving M&E

    The M&E industry is in an exciting period of transformation, and Signiant is thrilled to be in the midst of it. Nowhere was this energy more apparent than at this year’s IBC, where we had the opportunity to speak with a wide range of organizations, vendors, and thought leaders to better understand where businesses are at, where they’re going, and what they need.
  • Best of Show Award Winner

    Double Thanks! Signiant’s brand new solution, Jet, won two awards at NAB 2019

    Turns out we aren’t the only ones who see Jet’s great potential. The brand new SaaS solution won two “best product” awards at NAB 2019.
  • death of scripted FTP

    The Death of Scripted FTP

    Most FTP systems operating in businesses today include numerous scripts to enable basic business functions, such as automation, notifications and storage.
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    Media Shuttle Update: Auto Delivery, Management API and App-Less Transfers

    Signiant releases regular updates to Media Shuttle that are pushed to our customers automatically, without any downtime or impact on customization. Here are a few you might have missed.
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    Manager+Agents Use Cases Part 1: Content Distribution

    Throughout the global media supply chain, Manager+Agents software plays a key role in the B-to-B distribution of content – both within and between enterprises.
  • automated workflows to the cloud

    Automate large file workflows to people and the cloud

    Over the past year, Signiant’s development team has been focusing on a few new significant additions to Manager+Agents. In addition to system-to-system automations, you can now also automate workflows to people and to and from the cloud, as well as support local object storage and growing files.
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    Why We Love Our Customers: 2018 Report

    This year, I wanted to reflect on the trail blazers, the early adopters of file acceleration technologies that have helped shape global content ingest and distribution for Media & Entertainment. In doing so, they have and are continuing to pave the way for other industries with growing file sizes that need to be transferred quickly and securely over public and private IP networks.
  • 365 Days of Media Shuttle around the world with no limits

    The last year has been crazy and exciting for Signiant with the introduction of Media Shuttle. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights.
  • Arqiva Ushers In a New File-based Broadcast Playout Workflow Powered by Signiant

    Arqiva has established an innovative content ingest and delivery system based on Signiant’s software that ushers in an elegantly simple and highly efficient approach to file-based workflow automation. Already in use by BlackBelt TV in the U.S. and others, the new automated playout system gives Arqiva a competitive edge in serving its customers – providing speedy remote content ingest, automated workflows and complete visibility into content delivery.
  • TVBEurope | Aiming to Get Assets to Air

    Delegates at this year’s IT Broadcast Workflow conference heard one vendor’s name above all others. Virtually every file-based architecture, it seemed, relied on bringing content from producers into the broadcaster’s infrastructure using UDP acceleration products from Signiant. Over little more than a decade this company has come from nothing to lead a new technology sector.