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Signiant Flight: Azure uploader

Microsoft Azure blob storage is an attractive, cost-effective solution for data storage, and providing user access to cloud services. Still, if you’ll be transferring large files or data sets, uploading to and from Azure can be a real challenge. While Azure does provide options for transferring data, unless your physical location is in close proximity to a Microsoft data center, standard methods are slow and unreliable.

Azure’s developers have chosen to focus on providing excellent cloud storage – whereas Signiant focuses our expertise on large file transfer protocol. Which is why we make excellent partners.

Introducing Signiant Flight – an Azure-friendly uploader which provides load balancing and auto-scaling benefits (just like those available with Amazon S3 storage). Azure support in Flight enables all the capabilities you’d expect – including checkpoint restarts, and fast transfers of large files and data sets — but also provides additional security and permissioning features not available with Azure alone.

Interested in knowing more? Click here to learn about using Signiant Flight for fast file transfers to Azure storage, or read the articles below, to explore more general information about Azure and Flight.

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    How to Better Manage Multiple Storage Types Across Your Media Business

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    Moving large data volumes to cloud services? Dedicated connection vs. upload utilities

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    Signiant Workflows Embrace The Cloud

    Signiant today announced the availability of a pre-built workflow that provides tight integration with the Microsoft Azure Media Services (AMS) platform to facilitate seamless asset transfer for content preparation in the cloud.
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    Why Signiant is Attracting Great Talent Like Cory Bialowas

    As a leader in developing SaaS accelerated file transfer solutions for media brands and other businesses that need to transfer big files, Signiant is attracting great talent. One of the newest members of “The Big Sig” team is Cory Bialowas, taking the helm as Signiant’s Senior Vice President of Product Management in Ottawa, Canada.
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    You Wouldn’t Take a Plane Around the Block: Three times to use Flight for S3 and Azure transfers

    While Flight always provides additional security and management features to cloud storage subscriptions, it does not always improve performance compared to cloud vendor’s options for data ingest and download. Here are three times when it really does:
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    The sexiest story in the cloud is connected cows, and other takeaways from Microsoft Build

    Microsoft’s annual conference for developers, Microsoft Build, has traditionally been very much for Microsoft developers. However, the last few years have seen the conference — and the corporation — taking a much more open approach. Two of the Signiant executive team were in San Francisco for last week’s version and brought back some fresh excitement for the direction Microsoft is taking under the leadership of Satya Nadella.
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    Flight’s end-to-end encryption protects assets in Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure

    As the only SaaS solution for accelerating large files and unstructured data sets into and out of cloud storage, Signiant Flight has been a unique product on the market since it was released about a year ago. However, the SaaS model of software development allows for more than just uniqueness, its Agile release cycles result in rapid innovation and the ability to respond to customer feedback. While our developers regularly make improvements to Flight, two recent features deserve particular attention: end-to-end storage encryption and the first rollout of Flight’s storage independence options.
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    Now Available: Azure Support for Signiant Flight

    When initially released last summer, Signiant Flight was available to integrate only with Amazon S3 storage. We are happy to announce that you can now quickly transfer large files to and from Microsoft Azure object storage as well (with Google Cloud support coming soon).