Signiant Jet demonstrates transfer speeds of 10 Gbps

Like all Signiant products, Jet is designed to move large data sets far and fast. But with Jet, Signiant introduced an entirely new patent-pending transport that adds a layer of intelligence to determine how to achieve the highest possible speed in any environment.

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Signiant Expands its SDCX SaaS Platform to Dramatically Simplify Fast, Secure Intercompany Content Exchange

At IBC2019, Signiant will introduce new capabilities to its SDCX (Software-Defined Content Exchange) SaaS platform to simplify secure content exchange between companies.

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Moving to an ecosystem model: The complex reality of global, intercompany content exchange

The rise of global cross-company partnerships has created the need for new business strategies based in ecosystem models, and the software that supports them.

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Leverage machine learning to make file transfer faster, by making it smarter

In order to take full advantage of available bandwidth, Signiant’s machine learning algorithm examines transfer history and optimally configures application and transport-level transfer parameters for both file-based and live media transfers.

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Double Thanks! Signiant’s brand new solution, Jet, won two awards at NAB 2019

Turns out we aren’t the only ones who see Jet’s great potential. The brand new SaaS solution won two “best product” awards at NAB 2019.

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Sure signs your media business is outgrowing FTP

Most users of Signiant’s SaaS solutions were once reliant on FTP to transfer large media files. Here’s what they have to say about the transition.

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The Death of Scripted FTP

Most FTP systems operating in businesses today include numerous scripts to enable basic business functions, such as automation, notifications and storage.

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Introducing Signiant Jet! A new SaaS solution for SMBs to automate system-to-system files transfers

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Signiant Jet, a brand-new SaaS solution for SMBs to automate, high-speed transfers of large data sets between locations around the globe.

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