Signiant Manager+Agents (M+A) is the gold standard for scheduled, lights-out, automated transfer of large files between geographically distributed locations. Forming the core transport backbone of most major media companies, this powerful, secure enterprise software helps studios, broadcasters, cable networks and sports organizations move petabytes of data every day throughout their global content supply chains. By providing central control, visibility and tracking of all content deliveries, the Manager+Agents system serves as a hub for file-based workflows that span the globe.

In addition to the central role it plays in the Media & Entertainment sector, Manager+Agents is used by many businesses in other industries where there is a requirement for moving large unstructured data sets around the world. The Manager+Agents (M+A) solution is designed to move large files over any public or private IP network, and to connect to a range of storage types – both on-premises and cloud. M+A’s unique architecture is capable of supporting thousands of endpoints from a central control point, offering the lowest TCO at scale of any solution in its class.

Read more about M+A in the blogs and case studies below.

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    Signiant Celebrates Another Record Year in 2019

    The Signiant SDCX SaaS platform now addresses any use case within or between companies, across any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment: Jet handles system-to-system file movement, Media Shuttle is for person-initiated transfers, and Signiant Flight moves data to and from the cloud.
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    Introducing Manager+Agents v14.0

    This week, Signiant has released version 14.0 of Manager+Agents, which addresses key areas such as the ability to work on files while they’re still growing, performance improvements, and important security fixes.
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    Signiant APIs: Documentation for Developers

    Signiant has a number of APIs for integrating your systems and applications with Media Shuttle and Manager+Agents. Here’s a quick run down of our current product APIs.
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    Integration Partner Highlight: TransMedia Dynamics for Media Asset and Workflow Management

    TMD has utilized Signiant APIs to integrate Mediaflex-UMS with two of our large file transfer solutions: Manager+Agents for automated enterprise system-to-system file transfers and Media Shuttle for easy person-initiated transfers.
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    Manager+Agents 13.4 supports all AWS regions through Signiant Flight integration

    The latest release of Signiant Manager+Agents (13.4) has some important updates we’d like to highlight, including improvements to the Flight integration now supporting all AWS regions for cloud storage.
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    Manager+Agents Use Cases Part 2: Content Contribution, Aggregation and Ingest

    Learn about another common workflow in the global media industry in Part 2 of our series on Manager+Agents for enterprise system-to-system file movement.
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    Manager+Agents Use Cases Part 1: Content Distribution

    Throughout the global media supply chain, Manager+Agents software plays a key role in the B-to-B distribution of content – both within and between enterprises.
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    Signiant Extends its Presence in Asia with New Partner, Ideal Systems

    Today, Signiant announced it is extending its presence in Asia by partnering with Ideal Systems, one of the regions leading broadcast, audio visual and media systems integrators.
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    M+A Growing File Support: Start moving large video files as soon as you press record

    Manager+Agents’ Growing File Support is especially helpful in any live event production, but will shorten the timeline whenever you need to send large files.
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    ESPN’s Latest Tech Upgrade: Video Streaming vs. Media File Transfer in Sports Video Production

    ESPN has long relied on Signiant technology to support their media file transfer needs. As a company that provides just one aspect of ESPN’s vast production facilities, we’re always curious to see how they’re advancing in other areas as well.
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    Librarians Think Differently: Why we should all thank the Library of Congress

    Over the years, many of us at Signiant have come to greatly appreciate the work being done at The Library of Congress. With James H. Billington’s recent announcement of his pending retirement after 30 years as the Librarian of Congress, I wanted to express my gratitude for the utterly important and challenging mission they’ve undertaken as historians and librarians over the past several decades. The Library of Congress has the largest archive of knowledge in the world.
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    Signiant Helps U.K. Broadcast Industry Comply With New File Delivery Standards

    On Oct 1, 2014, all U.K. broadcasters met a key milestone established through an industry-wide partnership: they were ready to receive digital program content via a single common file delivery format. As a key provider of enabling technology in the industry’s move toward end-to-end file-based workflows, Signiant has been instrumental in the practical implementation of this initiative.