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Given more and more business is conducted on the web, online security is becoming increasingly important. Online file transfer offers a whole range of security challenges, but is essential for businesses moving high value files.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the oldest Internet protocols, and is still widely used  today. Dozens of FTP clients and automation utilities have been developed for desktops, servers, and mobile devices. Hundreds of software programs incorporate FTP.

However, FTP has some pretty severe limitations. One of the biggest problems for businesses is the lack of security. FTP uses no encryption, so files are highly vulnerable if they are intercepted. There are workarounds to this problem. For instance, some companies add encryption by using SSL certificates. That said, this is a complex process and it costs quite a bit of time and money. Additionally, if you run FTP in active mode, problems with firewalls often crop up. And, if you run FTP in passive mode, you need a range of port numbers, with each port a potential security risk.

In fact, FTP has such obvious security problems that an entire new protocol called SSH File Transfer or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) was developed and has become a popular alternative. SFTP is more secure and reliable than FTP (even FTP with SSL Certificates). Unfortunately, SFTP can be very slow and compatibility issues are common.

New technology and cloud architecture provide exciting opportunities for modern businesses, and innovative Signiant solutions offer the best in secure file transfer.

Media Shuttle is a hybrid SaaS solution that allows media professionals to quickly transfer any size file anywhere in the world. Consolidate and track all your file movement while gaining speed, security and control in one elegant, easy to use, cloud-based solution.

Flight is the only SaaS solution on the market that accelerates the movement of large files and data sets into and out of cloud storage. Automatically maintained and updated for you, Flight is easy to deploy, scales as needed, and works with Amazon S3 and other leading cloud platforms.

Learn more about how companies like TVB Europe and A+E Networks address security issues and guarantee secure file transfer with Signiant software below.

  • | Press Releases

    Signiant Media Shuttle™ Now Available; Secure Media Movement Made Easy for Any Size Enterprise or Workgroup

    Introduced at the 2012 NAB Show, Media Shuttle’s patent-pending cloud connector technology gives media workgroups the convenience and ease of use of public cloud file-sharing services, but without file size limits or security risks associated with storing high-value assets in the cloud. Monthly subscription-based pricing makes Media Shuttle an ideal solution for production projects, and lets organizations easily scale usage as needed.
  • | Press Releases

    Leading Media Content Security Experts to Highlight Signiant Executive Webcast, July 10 at 11 a.m. PDT

    Produced by MESA and CDSA, this interactive panel will feature top executives from 20th Century Fox, Deluxe Digital Studios and Adobe discussing innovative approaches to securing the global movement of high-value digital media.
  • | Press Releases

    Australian Telecom Company AAPT Selects Signiant for New End-to-End Media Connect Service

    The community media network – AAPT Media Connect – uses a hosted Signiant service, allowing private and public content exchange or a combination of both. The network will provide flexible models to the market, applicable to all levels and sizes of the media community, with low barriers to entry.
  • | Blog

    Signiant’s Media Shuttle Reaches Soho

    Thankfully the rain didn’t prevent friends from Deluxe, Sony, Loft London, Boxer and many others from coming along to hear Gavin Tweedie give an overview of Media Shuttle with a live demo of how to create a branded file sharing portal in a matter of minutes.
  • | Media Coverage

    M&E Daily | Service Provider 2G Digital Accelerates Media Fulfillment with Signiant

    2G owner Chuck Filliettaz tells M&E Daily that the recent installation of Signiant’s accelerated file transfer software — combined with the facility’s high-speed, fiber-optic infrastructure — has enabled the company to operate at greater capacity.
  • | Press Releases

    Signiant and Xytech Unveil Integrated Solution for Improved Schedule-to-Air Workflow Efficiency at 2012 Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat

    Through the integration, Xytech customers will be able to automatically trigger the exchange of digital content using Signiant from within the scheduling component of the MediaPulse system to enhance workflow efficiency and reduce the possibility of error.
  • | Press Releases

    Signiant is Pleased to Count Game Developer Ubisoft as a File Transfer Solution Customer

    “Meeting time-to-market targets is a huge factor in our industry, as well as ensuring the security of our intellectual property. We are confident in relying on Signiant to safeguard electronic delivery of our assets. Being compatible with Windows and Linux platforms is a huge plus for our heterogeneous environment.”
  • | Press Releases

    Signiant Introduces Mobile File Sharing Apps for Media Exchange

    Users authorized on MX servers running V9.4.1 or higher can search the Apple App Store for “Signiant” or “Media Exchange” and follow the customary download steps. Once downloaded, an MX user logs in with the same credentials as they would use with their browser or desktop client.
  • | Press Releases

    Roundabout Entertainment Chooses Signiant Media Exchange for Seamless, Secure File Transfers With Any-Sized Business Partner

    With MX, we can extend the technology to our smaller broadcasting clients and vendors without requiring them to purchase and install software on their end. All of our business partners can now seamlessly connect with our facility and with the same highly managed security as the agent-based Signiant system.”
  • | Press Releases

    Berliner Synchron Chooses Signiant for Fast, Secure, and Managed File Exchanges With Business Partners

    “We have built our business on top-shelf service and the highest-quality dubbing of films in all European languages. With Signiant, we’ll be able to help our clients maximize the revenue potential of their movies and other programs by speeding the distribution of foreign language versions to the worldwide market.”
  • | Press Releases

    Signiant Powers Current TV’s Viewer Submissions Worldwide

    “At a typical news network, it would generally take days to send tapes via regular mail, or several hours sending files at regular network speeds. Once the content is received, editors would then spend more time reviewing and editing news footage for use on the air. With Signiant, Current is able to trim this time exponentially to ensure our viewers get up to the minute information.”
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    Signiant Technology Transport Backbone Integrates with IBM Media Hub Solution Framework

    Acting as a content bus, Signiant allows users to easily and securely share, repurpose and move their digital files to more places in a shorter period of time. This means that distributed teams, business partners and outside vendors can easily share and exchange files regardless of size.