transfer large video files

From media and entertainment to business development, many industries need to regularly transfer large video files. Video is quickly becoming the medium of choice for many applications – ranging the from the wide field of film and television production, to the development of advertising and sales content, to the creation of employee onboarding materials such as training and safety videos.

Still, even capable, tech-savvy businesses struggle to transfer large video files over their IP networks. The challenges posed by latency issues and limited bandwidth capacity can make it difficult to quickly and easily transfer large video files over long distances – stifling growth and achievement for those who need to streamline transmissions of data.

Signiant understands the roadblocks you’ll need to address to transfer large video files. We’ve developed two SaaS solutions designed to streamline the transfer of large data files – whether person-to-person or into and out of cloud storage. We look to provide your business with affordable, scalable technology that easily enables your growth – all while moving data at speeds up to 200 times faster than TCP-based solutions such as FTP.

Interested in learning more? Check out Media Shuttle for person-to-person transfer, or Signiant Flight for cloud storage transfer of large files. Or, read below for more general info on transferring large video files.

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