accelerated cloud storage

Though many of today’s organizations recognize the advantages of cloud storage, the challenges posed by actually moving data and files – especially large ones – into the cloud can be prohibitive. Also, for those endeavors involving time-sensitive workflows, large scale ingest, and real-time analytics, speed of delivery can be a significant factor.

While it’s clear that the global production of digital content is growing exponentially, the strategy for storing that content is still a work in progress for many companies. So, where should this data live? And, how can we optimize storage to allow effective access and utilization of that data?

These questions were the catalyst for the creation of Signiant Flight – designed to enable accelerated cloud storage, and bridge the gaps that prohibit cloud-enhanced business. Flight is the first commercially available SaaS solution. It speeds the transfer of large media and data files to and from cloud storage, including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure (with Google Cloud coming soon).

Unlike other accelerated cloud storage solutions, Flight leverages managed cloud infrastructure to enable a seamless, accelerated workflow with excellent transfer speeds, low operational overhead, and superior scalability to users – in one easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution.

To learn how Signiant Flight optimizes accelerated cloud storage to facilitate active archiving, media processing, and big data analysis, click here. Or, read more articles about accelerated cloud storage, below.

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    Who Won Adobe’s Race to the Cloud? Racing Large file S3 uploads at Adobe Summit

    Adobe’s Elliot Sedegah and Joshua Ramirez show a demo of Signiant acceleration technology at Adobe Summit 2016.
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    Object Storage-Backed Media Shuttle: The easiest way to start touching the cloud

    No matter how big or small your company is, it’s generally best to start cloud adoption with just one application that will provide broad value across your business. Cloud-based applications can change to meet the needs of users and keep up with other technologies at a rate that is impossible to match with on-premises counterparts.
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    Storage Independence: Media Shuttle’s New Cloud Storage Integration

    With Amazon re;Invent happening today, it’s a timely moment to discuss Media Shuttle’s new cloud deployment option, which allows you to choose to store your files with several cloud vendors, including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.
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    Flight’s end-to-end encryption protects assets in Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure

    As the only SaaS solution for accelerating large files and unstructured data sets into and out of cloud storage, Signiant Flight has been a unique product on the market since it was released about a year ago. However, the SaaS model of software development allows for more than just uniqueness, its Agile release cycles result in rapid innovation and the ability to respond to customer feedback. While our developers regularly make improvements to Flight, two recent features deserve particular attention: end-to-end storage encryption and the first rollout of Flight’s storage independence options.
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    Now Available: Azure Support for Signiant Flight

    When initially released last summer, Signiant Flight was available to integrate only with Amazon S3 storage. We are happy to announce that you can now quickly transfer large files to and from Microsoft Azure object storage as well (with Google Cloud support coming soon).
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    SkyDrop is now called Signiant Flight

    We are excited to announce a new name for SkyDrop. Signiant’s SaaS solution for the transfer of large data sets into and out of cloud storage is now called Flight. For unforeseen reasons, we had to change the name, but we are happy to have the opportunity to talk more about this up and coming product.
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    The Sky is the limit: Signiant Flight’s high-speed bridge offers new opportunities for files in the cloud

    The question of how best to utilize the advantages of the cloud was the catalyst for our newest software product, Signiant Flight. Just released yesterday, Flight offers the ability to quickly and securely transfer large files and unstructured data sets to and from multiple cloud storage platforms.