Amazon S3 uploader

Large file uploads and downloads

Many businesses are now familiar with the benefits offered by Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) – user-friendly, cost-effective object storage, available from any web location. Still, Amazon S3 has its challenges – most notably, issues with latency experienced during attempts to transfer large files or data sets.

Though Amazon provides a few options for transferring data digitally, none of these really resolve the issue of transferring big data sets to the cloud when distance is involved. Which is why we’ve developed Signiant Flight – a hybrid SaaS solution, designed specifically to handle large file uploading. It integrates seamlessly with both Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure, to streamline large digital data transfers to and from cloud storage.

Interested in knowing more? Check out the below articles, click here to discover how Flight works – or learn about your options for fast file transfer to Amazon S3.

How to Better Manage Multiple Storage Types Across Your Media Business

Choosing large file transfer and sharing software that is storage independent is critical for media businesses with multiple storage types.

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Top three hot topics of NAB 2019

Common across the industry: hybrid cloud/multi-cloud architectures, transitioning from custom hardware/software to multi-tenant SaaS, and managing increasingly complex global supply chains.

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Margaret Craig reflects on Signiant’s “journey into the cloud”

A few weeks ago, a journalist from IBC365 reached out to us about our experience transitioning from developing on-premises to cloud-native software for the media industry. Here’s the full Q&A with Margaret.

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Manager+Agents 13.4 supports all AWS regions through Signiant Flight integration

The latest release of Signiant Manager+Agents (13.4) has some important updates we’d like to highlight, including improvements to the Flight integration now supporting all AWS regions for cloud storage.

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The Impact of Network Latency on Cloud Connectivity

Most cloud data transfers utilize HTTP(S) and, like all standard Internet protocols, network latency slows down data transfer time. Learn about reducing latency for long-distance cloud connectivity.

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Large File Transfer to Amazon S3 Media Analysis Solution

Media Analysis Solution has a simple web-based UI that allows you to upload media files to Amazon S3, search through your library and analyze and extract metadata. However, if you work with higher res video, the 100MB file size limitation is inhibitive.

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Moving large data volumes to cloud services? Dedicated connection vs. upload utilities

Cloud services providers like as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure offer several options to for data I/O. Learn about the pros and cons of using a dedicated connection vs. upload utilities.

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Who Won Adobe’s Race to the Cloud? Racing Large file S3 uploads at Adobe Summit

Adobe’s Elliot Sedegah and Joshua Ramirez show a demo of Signiant acceleration technology at Adobe Summit 2016.

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Why Signiant is Attracting Great Talent Like Cory Bialowas

As a leader in developing SaaS accelerated file transfer solutions for media brands and other businesses that need to transfer big files, Signiant is attracting great talent. One of the newest members of “The Big Sig” team is Cory Bialowas, taking the helm as Signiant’s Senior Vice President of Product Management in Ottawa, Canada.

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Re:Invent recap: Snowball vs. Flight for moving large amounts of content to Amazon S3

Snowball definitely is a sound solution if you’re moving bulk data periodically, but beware of potential operational, performance and efficiency costs.

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Storage Independence: Media Shuttle’s New Cloud Storage Integration

With Amazon re;Invent happening today, it’s a timely moment to discuss Media Shuttle’s new cloud deployment option, which allows you to choose to store your files with several cloud vendors, including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

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You Wouldn’t Take a Plane Around the Block: Three times to use Flight for S3 and Azure transfers

While Flight always provides additional security and management features to cloud storage subscriptions, it does not always improve performance compared to cloud vendor’s options for data ingest and download. Here are three times when it really does:

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