product updates

  • 2 puzzle pieces, one with the Media Shuttle logo on it and one with the Telestream logo on it.

    Signiant and Telestream Introduce New Integration Between Media Shuttle and Vantage 

    Media Shuttle and Vantage play a significant role in today’s media technology stack. Now, Telestream Vantage and Media Shuttle customers can realize increased efficiency, faster content transfer, and more automated file distribution with a new partner integration.
  • A Jet dashboard with a map of the world with green dots on major cities and lines connecting them, and other graphs.

    Signiant Jet — New Enterprise Capabilities

    We’re excited to introduce some recent enhancements that will enable Jet support in more enterprise environments, including network relays, bandwidth management, pull transfers and more.
  • cancelled event image

    What Signiant Would Have Told You at NAB

    What would you have heard at NAB 2021? Lots. While we can’t meet in Las Vegas, you can still learn about recent product updates, how innovative M&E companies are using our technology and see a sneak peek at some of the exciting new capabilities on our roadmap.
  • The words Signiant Console above a cloud with the Jet logo, the Flight logo and the Media Shuttle logo.

    Media Shuttle Cross-Portal Transfer Activity and History

    Media Shuttle now gives IT and Operations administrators a new level of visibility into all running and completed transfers in a single interface, the Signiant Console.
  • A colorful word cloud with words like metadata, transport, network, storage, Signiant, content, media, transfer and more.

    Jet’s Newest Intelligent Transport Delivers Even Faster Performance

    The latest update to Signiant’s Intelligent Transport takes Jet’s already exceptional speeds and further increases its performance, with improved transfer rates happening regardless of file size variations, the distance between endpoints, or the environment in which transfers are taking place.
  • A calendar with some events written on it. There's a green airplane superimposed on it.

    Scheduling Jobs with Signiant Jet

    While many of Jet’s applications focus on recurring transfers between source and destination, Jet now includes the ability to start a job manually.
  • Fireworks in a night sky.

    Media Shuttle, now with S3-compatible on-prem object storage

    As the newest addition to our growing list of storage options, we’re happy to introduce S3 compatible on-prem object storage support for Media Shuttle.
  • Beautiful autumn leaves with a Media Shuttle folder menu over it.

    A tour of Media Shuttle’s recent design updates

    This newest round of changes to Media Shuttle are specifically tailored to make it easier than ever for M&E professionals to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Jets flying

    Post-Transfer Actions for Jet

    Workflows are often hectic for all involved, and it’s critical that teams be able to effectively manage their files before, during and after a transfer. Jet automates these repetitive tasks to put less strain on IT and operations teams.
  • Fireworks in a night sky.

    Signiant solutions add Google Cloud and on-prem object storage support, furthering our commitment to storage independence

    The Signiant platform (including Manager+Agents versions 14.1 and higher) now supports on-prem file storage, S3 Compatible on-prem object storage, and cloud object storage from AWS, Azure and now Google Cloud Platform.
  • The underside of an airplane wing.

    Introducing Inter-company Content Exchange in Jet

    As media supply chains and workflows become increasingly complex, and file sizes balloon with the introduction of new formats, resolutions, and effects, it’s essential that organizations have access to tools that allow them to effectively collaborate with their partners.
  • The underside of an airplane wing.

    What’s New in Jet — March 2020

    Signiant is excited to introduce the latest Jet updates: improvements to Job configuration, searching files, and Jet APIs.