Signiant takes full advantage of cloud technology to provide businesses with the best large file transfer software available on the market today.

With Signiant’s simple interfaces delivered from the cloud, you have less installation time and fewer maintenance fees. Our cloud-based products integrate easily into your existing environment, so file transfers can start immediately.

Flight, for example, is the only SaaS solution on the market that accelerates the movement of large files and data sets into and out of cloud storage. Automatically maintained and updated for you, SkyDrop is easy to deploy, scales as needed, and works with Amazon S3 and other leading cloud platforms.

Take a few minutes to read the articles below and learn more about Signiant’s cloud storage and cloud-delivered interfaces.

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    Gaming Production in the Cloud — Build Games Better

    Building great games requires great collaboration. Game designers, developers, graphic artists and other specialists must be able to share files easily — especially from remote locations, between global partners and different kinds of storage.
  • 4 Clouds with Wasabi, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud
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    Did You Know?  Signiant Jet Supports All Major Clouds

    Signiant Jet is designed to work and interact harmoniously across all the major cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and now Wasabi Cloud Storage. Regardless of which cloud providers you work with, Signiant Jet will take you where you want to go.
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    Signiant Adds Media Industry Veteran, Juan Pablo Garza, to Lead Company’s Expansion in Latin America

    Following consecutive years of record growth and a massive increase global demand for its intelligent file transfer products, Signiant is excited to announce the hiring of JP Garza to lead its expansion in Latin America.
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    Streaming to the Cloud with Flight, One of Many New Flight Capabilities

    Signiant CTO Ian Hamilton recently wrote an article about the challenges of economically getting high-quality contribution video feeds from remote events back to a permanent facility for, in this case, live processing and delivery to a CDN for live streaming to consumers. This requires a tool – such as Signiant Flight, capable of overcoming the issues of latency and packet loss. Here’s an update on some of Flight’s new features and benefits and a look at some of its use cases.
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    Signiant Offering for Azure and AWS Enables Cloud Workflows

    Signiant, the leading provider of SaaS solutions for fast, reliable global access to high-value media files, has announced that some of the media industry’s most innovative emerging cloud services will be showcased with the company’s SaaS platform at IBC 2017. One such partner, Hybrik, brings a unique new model to the cloud transcoding space that aligns particularly well with Signiant’s pioneering efforts to make cloud technology accessible to the industry.
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    Cloud Leader Signiant Unveils Next-Generation Partner Ecosystem for the SaaS Era

    Signiant has announced that several groundbreaking new technologies developed by partners will be showcased interoperating with the company’s platform at IBC 2017. Demonstrations of the Signiant platform interoperating with technology from Fortium, Hybrik and GrayMeta will be presented at IBC 2017 on Stand 14.L08.
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    And Now For Something Completely Different…

    With our deep roots supporting the M&E sector, and its common need to move large files over distance, it is easy to forget that Signiant has long had customers from other industries. Often utilizing very different data types, workflows and tools – and typically involved in products and services utterly unlike those in the media space – many of these industries nevertheless share M&E’s need for fast, reliable, and secure solutions for the movement of their valuable data.
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    A Year of Acceleration – and Collaboration

    Signiant and Talon form an alliance to help streamline cloud storage consolidation. Together the companies’ technology allow globally distributed data to be quickly and securely migrated to a central cloud storage and then made available as a single, consistent storage repository to all users across the globe.
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    The Cloud: it’s not just Another Data Center

    One of the interesting things about cloud discussions throughout our industry is that people have a tendency to believe the cloud is just a virtualized data center in somebody else’s facility. If you take that perspective, then the benefits of the cloud and the gains that cloud technology can actually deliver to you are sure to be overlooked. It’s time to think differently.
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    | Media Coverage

    Signiant Workflows Embrace The Cloud

    Signiant today announced the availability of a pre-built workflow that provides tight integration with the Microsoft Azure Media Services (AMS) platform to facilitate seamless asset transfer for content preparation in the cloud.
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    Margaret Craig on the media business and cloud adoption in 2015 (CloudWedge)

    In 2014, cloud computing finally became commonplace within Media & Entertainment technology, a much needed leap many experts say was held back by security concerns. And the broader cloud computing community is taking note. Last week, CloudWedge published a comprehensive article on the trend of cloud adoption in the media industry by Signiant CEO Margaret Craig called Cloud Adoption: A Media & Entertainment Perspective.
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    IT Broadcast Workflow and the Art of Digital Asset Management

    For the past five years, IT Broadcast Workflow (ITBW) has offered a daylong case study program highlighting innovations in file-based operations by European broadcasting companies. With the rate of cloud-based software adoption in media ever increasing, tomorrow’s sixth annual summit promises to be the most intriguing yet. Throughout the day, organizations will share their complex technical and business challenges, the solutions they’ve found, and how they’ve worked with their technology partners to achieve success. Of course, wine will be served in the evening — we’d expect nothing less from an event at the esteemed British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London.