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All Signiant products rely on a proprietary transport protocol that minimizes the impact of latency and packet loss, thereby enabling much faster transfer of large files than is possible with standard TCP-based transfer mechanisms (including HTTP and FTP). Any communication protocol requires software at both ends that speak a common language — and the Signiant App enables this communication when end users are sending and sharing files.

With Media Shuttle, end users access portals via a simple web browser interface, but the end user computers must be equipped with the client-side Signiant App to take advantage of Signiant’s accelerated transport and other advanced features. The Signiant App is a native Windows or Mac OS desktop application that requires a straightforward one-time installation on the user’s machine. Once the Signiant App is in place, the user simply accesses a Media Shuttle portal via a web page and starts sending and sharing files. On the ‘server’ side of the transfer, the customer’s IT team installs the Signiant SDCX Server software on a computer connected to the storage used with Media Shuttle portals when using Shuttle with on-prem storage. When using Media Shuttle, or any Signiant product, with cloud storage, Signiant runs all the software for you.

The Signiant App can be downloaded here and installed on any computer. There is no limit on the number of computers running the Signiant App and no additional charge for installing the Signiant App on additional machines. Often, companies will load it on everyone’s machine to be ready when needed. Learn more about Media Shuttle Pricing for any-sized business here.

Compare Your Speed with Signiant

Take our File Transfer Calculator for a drive. Though we don’t offer options for every city and bandwidth, you can easily get a sense of the performance improvement you gain with Signiant products. Play around with different file sizes, bandwidth and locations. Note that the larger the file size, the higher the bandwidth and the further the location, the more you will benefit by using Signiant’s file acceleration technology. Of course, real-world results may vary depending on your specific network configuration.

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